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A day with @iartaimos_ & @esaesella

Despierta Essentials

We recently linked up with two very talented people. Aimos who is a photographer from Queens and Ariana from Puerto Rico. The meet up spot and shooting location was at @community54 The homies blessed us with some community coffee that you can buy there right now and we recommend you ask Dragon to make you a hot apple cider too. You won't regret it. Check all of them out on gram @iartaimos_ @esaesella @community54


Despierta Essentials

Working with Ray is always fun and amazing, hence his name @raymazing on social media. For this shoot we linked up with the lovely JamieSteffani. We wanted  photos that we thought symbolized the company's attitude and feel. So we spoke to Ray about incorporating the streets, rooftops and apartment buildings to give it that NYC vibe. Thank you both for fucking with us and giving us dope photos! 


Despierta Essentials

We have a pleasure of working with Dallas aka 9thunknown. He is from Arizona and is cool as fuck. Thanks to social media we were able to hit each other up and communicate ideas back and forth. The result was amazing of course. His use of different color tones really emphasize the different moods in these photos. We love his work and plan on continuing to work with him. Shoutouts to all his models that he gets to model the clothing, y'all MVP's in our book!


Despierta Essentials

It was a honor to be part of the first MAKEWAVES event/workshop for creatives. We first had a free hour to use the photography studio. We were able to learn some tips for studio photography from photographers who were there. After that, FREE food was served for everyone to eat. I can't remember the names of the food exactly but there was chicken, rice with bacon, some glazed pork, veggies etc. I personally had 3 1/2 plates. After everyone was settled down from eating and conversing, there was a round of very informative presentations. Photography, tips to be more productive, a start up and 2 magazines were the topics this night. I have to say everyone caught my attention and I gained a lot of insight in all areas spoken about. Shoutouts to TITANTEA for the delicious and healthy drinks. Thank you RAY for orchestrating this successful event. Stay tuned for the next one! peace out - John from Despierta 


Despierta Essentials

We recently met up with the super talented Lauren aka 35mm.mistress. She has a really unique photography style and is a super down to earth person. We are glad to have her bless us with photos !!! 

Pre fall lookbook 2015

Despierta Essentials

It is always great to have fun at "work". Thank you Ray for the amazing shots. Shoutouts to Sashi and Emily for shooting with us, we are glad you like the gear. This year has been crazy for us, we are really working hard on these collections to give people quality and substance. Be on the lookout on what we are cooking up next !


Despierta Essentials

Check out Raymond as he adventures through NYC. There's a clip of the pop up in this episode, but you should subscribe now to his channel and watch all of them. They are dope and you could find new spots to lurk around in the city by watching them!


Despierta Essentials

We were blessed to have a backyard lent to us and able to throw a pop up event. Had a lot of fun at our pop up shop with Gooie boys and friends. Drinking beer, eating BBQ and selling one of a kind clothing. Shoutouts to everyone who came and lit up and copped gear. More of these to come so be on the lookout!!!