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BTS for no1 concert

Despierta Essentials

Shoutout to No1 Dorante and Jwoods. Also shoutout to Val for linking us with good people. This video was done by Jay co-owner of Despierta aka intern aka lead folder (inside joke) . 

Flics with Hanzo

Despierta Essentials

We've been shooting with some talented people lately. Shoutout to our shooter Hanzo for capturing some awesome moments. Met hanzo thru one of our pop ups and ever since then its been nothing but dope vibes and fire content. Big shoutouts to 2am, Misel and KrimlifeCass. 


Despierta Essentials

Pulled up to cali and had a lot of fun! Linked up with some cool peeps along the way. Shoutout 21quest, raptographer, juan, ari and hype kills. Traffic in LA sucks so if your going somewhere make sure leave early. While we stayed in Cali we were in North Hollywood, which was kind of sketch but still chill. The food scene is really lit out there. We had some good ass Mexican food, forgot the name but shit was lit. In and Out is lit too depending on location. The one in Culver City smelled like rotten shit, so be careful. Favorite spot was Roscoes chicken. It is super lit in Inglewood !!! Also smoked like crazy, you can basically get weed anywhere. The most interesting spot we went to was literally a house converted into a weed shop. Overall we fuck with CALI hard and will go back in the near future. 


Despierta Essentials

Special thank you to our good friend Ray for shooting this awesome sneak peak FALL '16 lookbook. We are grateful for our creative circle around us and how we can just vibe out and always have a good time even when we are "working". Shoutouts to the models that came thru !!! 

Behind the scenes at the EXP event

Despierta Essentials

A behind the scenes look as we set up for the EXP event this past weekend. Shoutout to the whole team there, nothing but good vibes. Shoutout to everyone who showed love to us, we will be sending all of ya'll newsletters soon! The visuals and music were on point too. The after party was super lit, don't miss out the next one! 


Despierta Essentials

Met up Dot to catch up and smoked a couple of blunts. We also did a video for his song Roberto Clemente, SERVE THE BASE. Dotdemo is a lyrical genius from the SOUTH BRONX. Don't sleep on him he finna blow up! Follow him and Xzavier @dotdemomusic and @ultranati999 on instagram